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INTERWEALTH MANAGEMENT Continuous Client Service

We take a hands on approach to our advisory client relationships. We believe that frequent review meetings are the best method of keeping clients engaged in the investing process. We examine investment performance, track clients progress towards their goals, and discuss current economic events. Establishing a new client relationship is not simply a transaction. It is the beginning of an ongoing process of reaching that client’s financial goals. We want to make you a client for life.

There is a staunch difference between having money and having wealth. Money is something that is earned and subsequently spent. Building wealth takes years of saving, discipline, and a lifetime of sound financial decisions. Outside of your family and home, your nest egg is probably your most important asset. We provide objective advice to guide you through all market conditions so your future is more secure.

Our approach to personal Wealth Management focuses on defining our intangible wants and desires. Everyone wants a comfortable financially secure future, but it is difficult to quantify what this future looks like. We strive to set concrete long term financial goals and create an action plan that will send you down the right path.

We start with a detailed personal financial profile for each client. Once we fully understand your personal finances we want to help you set ambitious yet attainable financial goals. Once you have set concrete long term financial goals we will focus specifically on your investment strategy and the amount of money that you need to save to meet these goals. We will help you bridge the gap between risk and return, making sure that you are in a suitable asset allocation as you continue on your journey towards the retirement of your dreams.

A college education is expensive and paying for tuition is a daunting task. Financing the education of your son or daughter is very similar to saving for retirement. It helps to start early. Take advantage of the benefits offered by a 529 plan to help send your child to the school of their choice.

Managing the investment strategy of your college savings is pivotal to successfully financing ongoing educational expenses. It is important to effectively identify the amount of expenses that will be incurred throughout the college years. As the time horizon until tuition shortens we will help you adjust your investment strategy to de-risk and protect the assets that will fund your child’s priceless education.

Retirement planning consists of two main phases, accumulation and spending. The accumulation phase is pretty straightforward. The more you save, the more comfortably you can retire. The spending phase is more complex in nature.

  • How much can you realistically plan on spending in retirement?
  • Is your goal to never run out of money in your lifetime?
  • Do you want to preserve your wealth while meeting your expenses?

The greatest gift you can give your adult child is your financial independence in retirement. We are here to advise you on retirement spending plans that are sustainable and will help you meet your long term financial goals. You have spent your entire life building your wealth, now that you are retired you will start spending your wealth. With an effective plan, you can find the equilibrium between spending money and preserving wealth.

As a business owner, you may want to provide this as a valuable benefit for yourself and your employees. InterWealth can aid in the process of starting up a 401k plan or servicing an existing one. We can help transition your existing plan to the platform that best suits your needs. Handling the paperwork so you can keep moving forward.

We will meet one on one with the individual plan participants to help them gain a deeper understanding of financial markets and the long term implications of investing. We take the same approach with plan participants as our personal wealth management clients. We will help your company’s employees define their personal financial goals and find the investment strategies that best suit their needs.

Sponsoring a retirement program for your employees demonstrates great compassion for their future. The full benefits of the 401k plan may not be realized if the employees to not become engaged in the program. We will go the extra mile for your employees through educational workshops and one on one meetings. Engaging the plan participants of your company’s 401k can have a massive impact on their financial futures.

If you are a business owner and are interested in maximizing your retirement savings, let us help you. InterWealth Management is well versed in a safe harbor 401(k) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, and Defined Benefit Plans. We will customize them for you to give you or your firm the best possible outcomes.

The profit-sharing plan is for someone that wants to save north of $50,000 per year. The defined benefit plan can help one save up to $200,000. Consulting with us and our network of experienced actuaries can help you build substantial wealth in a short period of time.

“We share our clients’ passion to invest.”