Our Philosophy


At Interwealth Management our goal is to improve your long-term financial security. One of the most important things we do is spend time with you to get to know your unique financial goals. We believe that discipline and diversification across all asset classes are critical to achieving desired investment outcomes.

“It is not about TIMING the market, it is about TIME IN the market.”

The only certainty in the investment world is volatility. Based on your age and investment goals we will help you determine how much risk you can afford to take. Then build a portfolio with volatility levels that match your risk tolerance. We implement an asset allocated approach using global equities, fixed income and real assets with a goal of style neutrality between growth and value investing. We believe in regular account rebalancing, enabling us to sell high and buy low. We want our clients to find an asset allocation that allows them to stay invested regardless of market fluctuations.

To meet your financial goals you need sound advice and the discipline to see your investment strategy through turbulent markets. Behavioral investment errors can be the greatest obstacle on the journey to achieving your financial goals. When you attempt to time the market, you have to be right twice.

We hire the best money managers possible to make sure that your investments work just as hard for your money as you do. We allocate our investment dollars to money managers that have a rigorous process and proven track records in each asset class. We do not sell any proprietary products which solidifies our independence to be faithful to you and not individual funds.

After maxing out your contributions to tax-deferred investment vehicles, you will be investing on an after tax basis. In the after tax universe total return takes a back seat to after tax return. Your after tax portfolio should include equity funds that are managed with tax implications in mind and Municipal bonds in the fixed income space. It is crucial to take advantage of tax managed investment strategies to reduce tax drag on your portfolio.

You want to maintain the same standard of living in retirement that you enjoyed during your professional career.

  • How much money will you need to retire?
  • How much money do you need to save to get there?
  • How much money can you afford to spend when the paychecks stop?

We will help you define your dream retirement and work towards making it a reality.

The three certainties in life are death, taxes, and the increasing price of college tuition. Financing the education of your son or daughter can be a tall order. Take advantage of the benefits offered by a 529 Plan to help send your child to the school of their choice.

After meeting all of your personal financial needs, you might consider the legacy that your wealth can leave behind. It could be a gift to a beloved charitable organization or the peace of mind you feel knowing that your family will be taken care of for generations to come.